Connectivity to that tactical edge with global, secure and unified solutions

Cambridge offers a full spectrum of communications services and systems to our clients. We specialize in creating multiple platforms, mixed media network systems that include various forms of transmission, relay, site control and routing. We create robust systems that achieve high levels of availability in harsh environments. Whether our clients are looking for wholly new systems and designs or need to work within existing constraints and equipment, we can meet the design goals. We work in all transmission media and have trained, certified staff who use proven testing methods and work in classified and open environments. Our proven qualifications are why the Air Force chose Cambridge as the prime contractor to design and construct the Bogota Earth Station and Communications Center, and why NASA selected Cambridge to design and implement their new Land Mobile Radio system.  It is what led the White House Communications Agency to select Cambridge to handle all land line transmission and technical support for Vice Presidential travel through the Caribbean. Cambridge customers are offered a variety of proven communications capabilities.

Proven Performance

Cross Border Information Sharing Network

Design, installation, and integration of an 11-site trans-border microwave communications system (voice, data, and video) for exchange of illicit drug trafficking activity information between federal U.S. and Mexico security agencies.  The architecture and topology for this system is synchronized, interoperable with, and complements the DHS partner network on the US side.  The cross-border microwave links with Internet Protocol (IP) network access points and Radio over IP (ROIP) gateways for responder radio bridging at each location. The effort is part of an on-going action plan to facilitate cross border communications between first responders from both nations.

Costa Rica
Communications and Surveillance Network

Design and installation of new voice and data capability in Cerro Azul, Costa Rica -  part of a network of surveillance and communications nodes that is used for the detection, monitoring, and tracking of narcotics traffickers. Deploying next generation of communications equipment utilizing Tactical Digital Information Links (TADIL), voice transmissions, and UHF/VHF radio service capabilities. Data and voice are transmitted over commercial satellite communications channels, over TADIL links, and over remotely controlled VHF/UHF radios to the Joint Inter Agency Task Force-South (JIATF-S) and command centers located in Latin America.