Defending against dynamic threats to ensure optimum performance

Cyber Security and infrastructure vulnerabilities pose a serious economic and national security challenge for government and commercial agencies. Cambridge employs active security controls that combine discovery, prevention, threat intelligence, and internally developed threat detection capabilities to protect your critical infrastructure. Cambridge leverages industry best practices and applies analysis to each unique customer. This custom approach has the goal of providing Cyber Security hardening with an eye towards business considerations and mission needs. We provide: 

•Expertise in Cyber Security implementation of Windows, Linux, Databases, Web Servers, and applications
•Support hardening and operational efforts of Amazon Web Service solutions as applied to the Federal Government

Certification and Accreditation
Cambridge offers significant C&A support experience in NIST RMF, Intelligence Community considerations, and Commercial Cloud FedRAMP testing in support of a 3PAO. Each C&A event provides our customers a true picture of the security posture of the environment.

Threat Analytics
Our threat analytics efforts focus on providing data specific to the organizations risk levels. This allows the prioritization of the mitigations and remediation’s the organization undertakes. This is a growing area of importance and is particularly useful when considering Commercial Cloud implementations in the Federal Government.

Incident Response
We provide support to identify potential threats, log and track incidents, provide forensic analysis, and work through the Incident Response process. Our analysts and engineers include personnel with GCIH certifications.

Security Engineering
We provide both hands on and consultative support to assist in hardening of systems. These efforts are balanced with the mission need and business considerations. We recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” set of solutions.

Considerations include:

  • NIST RMF, DISA STIG or organizational policy requirements
  • Data and system protection levels
  • Cost, time, quality, risk, and scope
  • Effective communication of risk and proposed mitigations or remediation’s
  • Integration with current environment to leverage existing protections
  • Specific mission requirements to meet the organizations goals of the Army

Programmatic Support
We provide our customers with accurate financial and scheduling support. The team also helps senior Cyber Security personnel with training, documentation/policy, and programmatic assessments of an organization. Additionally, we play a key role in helping our customers understand what their true Cyber Security posture looks like. Though this can often be initially challenging to accept the reality is that an accurate portrayal is key to strategy.

Cambridge's robust cyber security services, solutions and best practices. Our custom fit technical approach allows us to provide additional value to our customers by incorporating their specific needs as opposed to one-size-fits-all solutions. Our solutions also place a focus on organizational mission and providing solutions that consider business drivers and existing environments.