Multi-sensor data fusion, correlation and analysis for battlespace awareness

Cambridge not only designs the systems and networks to deliver, fuse and store information, but we provide the intelligence specialists and analysts that turn information into intelligence. Cambridge is committed to developing intelligence solutions that are tailored to the specific threat. We offer support during all phases of intelligence planning and operations. Cambridge has experienced, combat-proven intelligence specialists who will evaluate the unique mission requirements; harvest and process raw intelligence into written, detailed, actionable packages; provide interdiction and law enforcement support as necessary; and develop longer-term trending analysis and forecasts.  Cambridge is skilled in the selection and management of forward operating intelligence teams. In fact, Cambridge intelligence analysts, linguists and operations teams have been on the ground in Afghanistan since 2004.  Our threat finance personnel have developed databases and target packages for domestic and overseas operations.  Our domestic intelligence teams support information sharing between and among local, regional and national law enforcement agencies. Collectively Cambridge offers a full range of intelligence solutions to our homeland and national security clients.

Proven Performance

Counter Narco-Terrorism Support and Interagency Operations Coordination Center
Design, installation, and on-site operation of a counter narco-terrorism intelligence gathering and dissemination system. Support includes fusion system design and installation; theater-embedded intelligence analysts, Dari-linguists, and host nation trainers; tactical voice & data links to CONUS; integration into Drug Enforcement Agency.  Cambridge all-source intelligence analysts utilize experience in intelligence analysis, law enforcement, and counter narcotics efforts to accomplish the analytic processes in order to support the effective coordination of counter narcotics efforts.  Our imagery analysts provide accurate and up-to-date geospatial intelligence using multispectral analysis and multi-source geospatial data.

Bagram Air Base Intelligence Fusion Cell
Prime contractor for the Intelligence Analyst Project of the Non-Lethal Analysis Section (NAS) of the Joint Intelligence Support Element (JISE). Cambridge provides Information Operations, Opens Source Analysts, Counter Narcotics analysts and Threat Finance Analysts in order to produce analysis of Afghan and Central Asian narcotics traffic and networks, identification of processing, production and transportation of narcotics supporting CT mission.  Cambridge analysts support the timely production of intelligence estimates for US military and Coalition partners.