Delivering complex-space facilities in the world’s toughest environments

Cambridge is building our reputation one building at a time. From our design and construction of a 70,000-square-foot Naval Training Academy in Colombia to delivery of a USMC Joint Training Base in Yemen, Cambridge specializes in international construction of national security facilities. Our ability to successfully deliver in austere, low-infrastructure, or environmentally, economically or politically challenged environments, makes us the right choice for the hard projects. Our teams of architects, engineers, construction managers and logistics specialists provide the full complement of design-build services. We perform all aspects of initial planning – development of schedules, equipment and material requirements; conduct of site surveys; research and obtain host-nation work clearances and permits; and development of project designs in accordance with various host-nation or U.S. agency buildings codes and regulations. The build phase is kept on-track, on-time and on-budget through rigorous construction management that includes: coordinating and controlling all site activities; vetting and managing subcontractors; financial planning and reporting; on-going technical assessments of engineering solutions and, finally, a comprehensive testing program. 

Cambridge delivers supply chain management and logistics services to our customers including: acquisition, logistics planning, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)/import/export, transportation, inventory management and tracking, test and evaluation, warehousing, sustainment, and disposition. Our customers benefit from cost efficiencies and on-time equipment delivery to ensure mission success. Our ISO 9001 controlled system for logistics and supply-chain management ensures that procurement, shipping, warehousing, and export control/compliance are consistent, controlled and continually audited.

Proven Performance

Bogota, Colombia
Tier III Data Center – Colombian Air Force
Cambridge designed and constructed a Tier III data center for the Colombian Air Force. The 1,800-square-foot data center is powered by three independent power-distribution paths and diverse network uplinks. The center was designed with “N+1″ availability for improved redundancy. The data center is concurrently maintainable, allowing for any planned maintenance activity of power and cooling systems to take place without disrupting the operation of computer hardware located in the center. All IT equipment has dual power inputs to permit maintenance of power distribution components between the UPS and IT equipment.  


Sana’a, Yemen
Forward Operating Joint Training Base
Cambridge designed and constructed a forward operating joint training facility with force-protection enhancements for a U.S. Marine Corps Forces Central Command (MARCENT) team that is provided training to Yemeni Special Forces. The facilities were placed inside a compound on a graded, prepared surface with nearby connections for electrical, sewer and water use. The facilities included spaces for billeting, showers, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen/dining, recreation, fitness, classrooms, mission planning and video surveillance.  The expeditionary construction also included security structures (berms, entry control points, etc.) as well as perimeter sensors, surveillance, and CCTV.