Engaging, optimizing and delivering with confidence

Cambridge provides complete, optimized and secure connectivity from the core to the tactical edge anywhere on the globe.

Cambridge offers comprehensive support to its combatant customers. When the warfighter needs reliable information delivered effectively, regardless of the terrain, threat, infrastructure or environment, Cambridge delivers. From the Pacific Rim to Africa and across the Americas, our solutions enable information sharing coupled with reliable command and control. Cambridge provides those at the tip of the spear with the access, control and commonality that used to be available only at the core.

Our designs are premised on the criterion that we must operate in a synchronized joint information environment that includes our own military forces as well as coalition members and host and partner nations. Access at the point of need is a global requirement. To date, Cambridge has delivered that connectivity in 40 countries around the globe supporting every combatant command and over three dozen partner nations.

Anywhere, anytime and on time—that's the Cambridge way.

Proven Performance

US Census Bureau Network and Telecommunications Support
Cambridge delivers secure, interoperable, and mission critical IT services for the USCB. The USCB TCO contract supports 18,000 users and 12 locations throughout the US and Puerto Rico. We scan systems for compliance with STIGs and IA vulnerability notices and develop plans of action and milestones (POA&M) for remediation. We support all enterprise application, network, and IT security requirements.

Circuit and Transmission Services for DISA
Transmission provider for DISA.  Cambridge performs circuit establishment for international communications and transport requirements from local telephony support through OC-3 installation. Supports White House Communications Agency teams to provide land line communications and technical support for Vice Presidential travel in the SOUTHCOM AOR.