Small Business Battlespace Awareness (BA), Decision Superiority (DS), Production Installation and Inservice (PII) and Transport and Computing Infrastructure (TCI) Contracts
SPAWAR's mission is to make the Navy's information dominance vision a reality. SPAWAR's BA, DS, PII and TCI contracting pillars support this strategy.

Cambridge Contract Numbers
N6523612D4845 (BA)
N6523613D4883 (DS)
N6523612D4828 (PII)
N6523613D4873 (TCI)

Period of Performance
BA: Aug. 16, 2012 - Aug. 15, 2017
DS: Dec. 20, 2012 - Dec. 19, 2017
PII: July 12, 2012 - July 11, 2017
TCI: April 11, 2013 - April 10, 2018

Contract Ceilings
BA: $250 million
DS: $250 million
PII: $250 million
TCI: $250 million

The BA, DS, PII and TCI pillars support several activities, including threat warning, biometrics, information operations, command-and-control and C5ISR integration projects.