Domain awareness to counter global threats

Detection, monitoring and domain awareness are critical requirements for national security. Cambridge develops surveillance solutions to meet a variety of client needs—from maritime surveillance systems on U.S. and foreign shores to sensor management suites and Common Operating Picture analysis, our engineering teams offer our clients a variety of surveillance solutions. Cambridge's technical employees have experience in a variety of C4ISR technologies, allowing them to design surveillance solutions that are tailored to unique mission requirements. Whether it is independent testing of air defense systems, the radar over IP implementation or exportable maritime surveillance systems to perform detection and monitoring in support of counter-terrorism, Cambridge can meet the need.

Proven Performance

Maritime Surveillance System - Bahrain Coast Guard
Design and installation of an integrated coastal surveillance system to provide the Kingdom of Bahrain Coast Guard with a comprehensive maritime situational awareness and Command and Control capability. Includes five new maritime surveillance sensor sites, upgrades to existing sites and a Regional Command Center. Fused sensors include X and S-Band surface search radar, Infrared and Electro-Optical long-range cameras.

Latin America
Counter Drug Surveillance and Control System

Prime contractor to the Air Force and its war-fighting users (host nations, coalition partners and USSOUTHCOM) to produce C4ISR systems and enhancements to the detection and monitoring related to the Counter Narco-Terrorism mission. Includes integration of new technologies for radar transmission data via IP connectivity and the integration of HN radar data in Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Colombia into HN C2 centers and U.S. C4I operations centers.